About Me

The lasting imprint of my early life, shaped my personality accordingly and I always feel at home when I am closer to the divine nature be it mountains, environment, animals or water. It has been a matter of concern for me to see the nature dwindling away and giving way to high rise buildings, concrete jungles and the natural habitat of the animals getting depleted by each passing day. Hence, I make all efforts to conserve nature through water conservation drive, tree plantations and educating people on safety of animals.

I was born in late 70’s and spent my early life in the foothills of a beautiful city called “Nainital”, in the lap of Himalayas. A place getting its name through the existence of “Nine Lakes” and the famous temple of “Naina Devi”. The place has been a tourist attraction for its Tiger Reserve, the “Jim Corbett National Park”. 

I had my schooling in a small city near Delhi known as Meerut, Uttarpradesh. Typical small city upbringing had huge impact on me through my family, relationship based social structure, strong belief in collective efforts, and importance of high family value system. Being born in Hindu Brahmin family also made me spiritual though not religious which made me believe in extra-human power who creates & controls the entire life on this earth. 

I have been to various spiritually stimulating places both in India and abroad. This space attracts my innerself and I like to explore the lost sciences loosely connected to this space like Vedic Mathematics, Spiritual healing, Palmistry, Numerology, Gemmology to name a few.

My Masters in Human resources from Lucknow University campus provided me opportunity to spend a couple of years in the capital city of Uttarpradesh known as Lucknow. The city well known for its food, monuments and for its rich heritage of respect and reverence. I did my summer internship with a bank and learnt few early lessons which hold me good till today–

  • Freedom and Responsibility if can co-exist together – Success is Sure
  • Respect the people irrespective of their role and work – People notice you 
  • Time is very limited  – Best utilization of each and every moment
  • Espirit-de-Core – helps a job done inclusively

I started my career in a Textile industry as a Management Trainee. However, Human Resources function came as a surprise to me when I was entrusted with an independent charge of a factory with 300 plus employees, working under me. Initially it was full of anxiety and stress but over a period of time, I learnt through battle inoculation and proved myself. The challenges in my first assignment kept me motivated and helped me to strive for even bigger challenges. Few of the lessons learnt from my first assignment were –

  • Believe in yourself and give your 100% – My passion for Human Resources, Hard work and Self-Confidence helped me to overcome my limitations.
  • Manager is a Coach and Mentor – I realized a manager needs to play various roles. Out of many roles grooming and developing team member is very crucial by becoming his mentor or coach with an opportunity of making a lifelong difference in one’s life. 

During this journey of self-evolution, I got opportunities to work with various multi-national companies in India and abroad be it Automobile, Textile, FMCG, IT etc. I have set up various businesses and department, green field projects, innovative ways of performance management, leadership development interventions, highly engaged workforces and change management initiatives. I have travelled and worked all across India, China and Singapore which has given me great extent of exposure and opportunity to excel myself.

My passion as a traveller and an explorer allowed me to know various geographies, cultures, food habits,  lifestyle, behavioural traits, clothing senses, celebration and festivals, likes and dislikes, history etc ultimately helped me to understand them better and able to create a bond of love and compassion without any bias.

My exposure to varied culture, diverse people and geographies helped me lot to develop various perspectives and respect all despite differences. 

  • Diversity in culture – India is a diverse country and efforts to be at utmost level for the unity. The trend will follow in and out of organizations too.
  • Highest level of Integrity and Ethics – Keep it simple “ walk the talk” 
  • Transparency and Honesty – It is critical to have a process oriented approach otherwise difficult to maintain it. 
  • Internal Customer – Take care of internal customer (employees/ team members) without any obligation, rest gets taken care in an auto mode.
  • Communication and Responsiveness – Success of any person or organization lies in the quality of communication and promptness of response – Choice is ours.
  • Truth and Simplicity – Helps you to be grounded and keep your eyes on the horizon.  
  • Learning is Soul – Keep learning & be curious at the same time hence, keeping the child alive in you – Keep learning, Be alive


Keep learning and keep giving back to society. I work with students, professionals, entrepreneurs and executives feeling overwhelmed by the deep sharing and challenges encountered. I love to share and facilitate the process to achieve their desired goals and higher purpose by empowering them. 

Model is designed to seeding the basic thoughts of “Believe in self “and “Take charge of your life” by understanding the “Higher purpose of life” and “Live the life to the fullest”.

“Empowering One Million Lives” by 2025. To ensure this goal delivers business training programs, workshops and seminars using our own unique blend of content and methodologies.




Vivek is the Co-founder and Director of ViveBale group of companies and also a Holistic Life Coach.

Corporate experience of 20 years of multifaceted responsibilities at various geographies in the field of HR, Industrial Relations and Business management with notable employers of Fortune 100.

After spending almost all my life seeking learning opportunities in everything around me in my studying days, corporate life or in spiritual world – I can see myself groomed like a seeker, traveller, a coach, a mentor and a healer, helping and touching lives as much I can thus becoming “ YOUR CHERISHED COMPANION IN YOUR LIFE JOURNEY”.