Community For Jobs

There are a great deal of rational, sensible, and inspiring reasons to have a career and our Community for Jobs thrives to address whatever reason yours might be. Be it for your financial wellbeing or your drive to learn valuable work skills, we will help you to connect with right opportunities or sometimes right employers. Either you want to grow in a specific location or want to travel to multiple destinations, we will assist you with all the available options. People who want to excel in a particular industry / domain and those who want to change industries to diversify their exposure, all are part of Community for Jobs.

You might consider work as either the passion that drives you towards your life goals or just a means to fund your life interests, either you could be looking for a dream job or just a stepping stone before you could realize your dreams, in any case being part of this community will help you to network with other job seekers / employers and be informed about current industry trends. This association will be of great importance to students as they can search, apply, and attend job interviews as early as their last year of study.

One of the most common reasons people take up working is to make money. Access to money can provide people with a sense of control in their lives and an adequate salary surely helps them to achieve a healthy standard of living. But money is not always the only reason people want to work, it might also be because they want to spend time utilizing their skills and serving people who need their assistance.

Work has been central to human life and a reason for various research about human behaviors. Analyzing work related attitudes helped Douglas McGregor to device Theory X and Theory Y. In Theory X, he suggests employees are lazy and will avoid work if they can. They inherently dislike work and need to be closely supervised with many controls in place. And in Theory Y, he recommends employees have a great sense of accomplishment and work is meaningful to them. These employees are ambitious, self-motivated, and exercise self-control. Whichever theory you might be motivated to follow, it is true that we cannot escape work and we are also in constant search for better opportunities.

I strongly advocate you to join Community for Jobs and explore your dream career path as per your convenience.

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