The Midas Touch

I always wonder, how to influence others? After a lot of research work, my personal experience and discussions with various personalities, I realized that there is no single reason or purpose to influence and get influenced by others. Each one of us is able to get influenced by great personalities with their aura and charisma and at the same time we are also capable of influencing others by our own personality.

It happens around us in various ways like seeking support, motivating people, influencing imagination or building relationships. If you are the owner of a charismatic personality then you can do various things which might be very difficult for others to think or imagine but not for you. So you should start developing your Charisma. 

I have seen various aspects of Charismatic personalities: 

  • People would love to be around you
  • Seeking your guidance and support
  • People will put you one step higher
  • You can manage change smoothly without much challenges
  • Flow of positive energy around you

The nature of Human beings gets impacted and driven by people, places, events and situations at all times. Therefore, as a cautionary advice, we hear, one should not anybody blindly.

How can I work on my Charisma?

First ~ Identify your area of expertise which in turn becomes your topic for influence and at the same time you must target the audience who are interested in the field of your expertise.

Second ~ Let only positive thoughts to flow out and practice to cut out all kinds of negative thoughts/ actions/ words. A very important aspect here is that the universe will resonate whatever is thrown towards it. Every problem/ issue has a solution. So be a part of the solution rather than popping up problems every now and then.

Third ~ Be an extremely good listener and speak only when its extremely essential and at the same time be brief while conveying something. Repetition must be avoided to maintain interest of the listener.

Your impact on others and their actions thereafter define your “Charisma”.

There are many situations where I may try to exert my influence through various tactics like coercion or manipulations or pressurizing etc. I have seen many times people are able to succeed in getting things done, but that is not the purpose of developing self or creating aura. Charisma will be defined by inclusiveness and willful surrender by the follower for the overall good and well-being. In other words, following a charismatic person has “no side effects”. 

  • Connect and Respect people at all the given opportunities
  • Active listening and Understanding them  irrespective of situations
  • Acknowledge and  Appreciate them at the right time
  • Help them find a solution and reach the desired goal

Now I can say that it is about understanding and knowing self and the kind of positive or negative effect or impact I am making on others is Charisma or Aura.

In other words, it doesn’t matter what thoughts are being generated internally within me – if it isn’t perceived by the other person, then it doesn’t get percolated for it to reach the desired result.

The positivity of your aura will decide the success in your personal or professional life. Now, I know that one of the most powerful forces that affect a person’s behavior is the aura of personality based on which people open up their heart and soul to them, which otherwise doesn’t happen.

Irrespective of the space one is in, it is important to take people along you and getting things done by positively influencing them – it is only possible with leading by example instilling confidence in others which is part of Aura or Charisma of your personality. 

Keep Growing ~ Keep working!!!

Hi I am Vivek, I have worked with notable employers of Fortune 100 status such as Hewlett Packard India, John Deere India, Parle, and ITC. Has more than 20 years of extensive experience in performance management, leadership development, talent management, employee relationship & engagement, industrial relations, executive coaching & mentoring and strategic human resources. He has practiced and perfected the above skills in textile, FMCG, IT, automobile and agricultural equipment sectors.

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