Be A Fighter

Every human being in this world you know or not has failed at some point in their life. For some of us failing is disheartening and we tend to lose hope to the extent that we stop trying new things to avoid experience of failure. Most of the learning comes from failure rather than success stories, even more from our own failures. Before moving on, Please ask yourself a few questions.

Are you a learner? 

Are you a fighter?

Do you take risks or afraid of failure?

How do you see failures?

Remember friend, there is no way that you can reach the moon one fine day dreaming all day and night. Is it possible? No way! 

One can reach if she/he has gone through all the phases of effort, has seen the failures, learnt from the setbacks and implement the learning at the same time and unlearn a few. The fun of learning is in the journey not the destination. Some of the failures from corporate world are shared hereby which is sufficient to understand the gravity of failures and importance of bouncing back with more resolve and vigour.

  • 25% of Indian startups died because they were never required
  • Very famous Harry Potter series were rejected many times
  • Fall of brands like Kingfisher, Jet Airways, Tata Nano are recent examples in India
  • Some of the international known stories like 
    • Henry Ford failed twice in business
    • Honda losses of business before being successful

The list can have numerous examples and don’t forget stories from your family, friends and from your own life. So, irrespective of the fact that how successful a person is, in all likelihood they’ve dealt with failure at one point in their lives. There are endless inventors, too, that have overcome failure. Life is full of mountains and valleys, we can enjoy the scenic beauty only from the mountain top, if we dare to climb them and don’t get stuck in valleys.

Famous quote by S.Patton -“Success is measured by how high you bounce when you hit bottom.”

A great cricketer from India is always questioned about his success as a captain but appreciated his fight back approach. None of us want to make mistakes in our life, but it’s difficult to experience success (Destination) without going through the journey (including failures). A person who is afraid of failure will never experience success which includes calculated risks at times. 

“Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising every time we fail. “– Confucius 

Review and Reflect

Reflection is very essential part of our day-to-day life. For example post-mortem is carried out after death and doctors use it as a tool to review the cause of a patient’s death so as to ascertain the cause and take necessary steps in future to avoid any human error. Similarly, one needs to review and reflect upon the various aspects and experiences on different situations and scenarios throughout the day, thereby analyzing to figure out what went wrong. One must take an outside perspective to overcome some of the challenges. 

Time to Act

Time is a great healer, whether it be an emotional or financial setback. Please be compassionate to yourself, and give some time and space to yourself in order to get back on the right track again. One must give time to yourself to deal with the emotions like embarrassment or disappointment associated with the journey of success. Sometimes, we are our worst critic, just be kind and gentle to yourself. 

Set a deadline

Once we are ready to work upon the key learning and overcome the hindrances in our way to taste the success – Make a commitment with yourself with pre-defined timelines. 

It can be a matter of few hours, days, months or years but success is going to be yours. Setbacks are just going to be there to check your passion, focus and commitment to yourself. As you have already reflected and reviewed it up to the deepest levels, therefore, you now know how to re-emerge much stronger to deal with the problem at hand much better.

Wellness is the key 

Physical exercising is a must but at the same time we should also exercise our mental and emotional faculties for the overall wellness of our body, mind and soul. 

Whenever we face difficult situations, it results in fear and negative thoughts within us. Therefore, we have to plan a couple of things for a holistic wellness in our lifestyle – 

  1. Meditation and Yoga – Practice Daily 
  2. Reading books and keep learning – Ongoing activity keeps you positive 
  3. Show love, compassion and gratitude towards others – you are supported by the universe in this journey 
  4. Sound sleep and detox – at a holistic level 
  5.  Be Conscious about self and others – Experience of awareness, sensation and emotion

Design a new “You “for a “Better World” 

My life is the outcome of my choices and preferences. It’s time for me to think and design a new version of me, who is ready to achieve the higher purpose of life without being fearful and worrying about the outcomes.

Create the next phase of you, the version where you learn from failures, setbacks and are better prepared and much stronger to achieve greater heights with rejuvenated higher spirits.

Are you ready? Yes, I am and choose to be “A FIGHTER “in my spirit and will.

Hi I am Vivek, I have worked with notable employers of Fortune 100 status such as Hewlett Packard India, John Deere India, Parle, and ITC. Has more than 20 years of extensive experience in performance management, leadership development, talent management, employee relationship & engagement, industrial relations, executive coaching & mentoring and strategic human resources. He has practiced and perfected the above skills in textile, FMCG, IT, automobile and agricultural equipment sectors.

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